Osama El Naggar

  • SOLD, Along the River, Oil 12"x16"
  • SOLD, The Ink Pot, Oil 16"x20"
  • SOLD, The Green Pear, Oil 20"x24"
  • SOLD, Orchids, Oil 20"x16"
  • SOLD, Pink Peonies, Oil 24"x30"
  • SOLD, The Asian Vase, Oil 20"x24"

In my work, I try to capture and paint the soul of my subjects and bring out their inner beauty. I enjoy painting in the style of "The Old Masters." For me, art is about seeing the beauty in every subject but I don not believe that one needs to start with a beautiful model or pretty flowers to create a beautiful painting. My belief is that any subject can be used to create a powerful painting.

Mostly, I rely on the composition, painting techniques and paint quality to emotionally engage the viewers to the highest level. To me, this is what art is all about.