Lorna Millar

  • Cockerel, Oil 10"x8" $350.
  • No Worries, Oil 18"x24"
  • Sunday Sail, Oil 10"x8" $375.
  • Summer Breeze, Oil 20"x30"
  • SOLD, Summer Days, Oil 18"x24"
  • SOLD, Sunshine & Sandcastles, Oil 18"x24"
  • Sold, The Music Room, Oil 10"x8"
  • Three Ballerinas, Oil 20"x30"

Lorna Millar was born in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. Her work focuses mainly on nostalgic windswept beach scenes, family outings and dance.

Lorna creates fluid images constructed with great energy by applying liberal amounts of thick colour with both brush and palette knife. Each stroke is carefully skilled to create a whole. The paint is often allowed to stand from the canvas which gives the work a unique tangible quality. When viewing Lorna Millar's work one is immediately aware of the energy present.

Lorna's love of her subject matter and her artistic talent combine to create highly collectible art works that enthrall and fascinate in a timeless manner. As a result, Lorna Millar’s work can be found in Private and Public Collections in Ireland, Europe, America and in a select galleries around the world.