Corporate Art Programs

corporateArtThe benefits of corporate art are immeasurable. Thoughtfully selected office artwork helps promote a positive company image as well as contributes to the business’s purpose. The idea that office décor should reflect a company’s values and brand can be creatively interpreted in many ways to fit almost any business strategy. Bare office walls are a missed marketing opportunity. The right framed art can create a professional and inviting atmosphere, showcase excellent work and communicate core beliefs to clients. Artwork attracts positive energy for the space it is displayed in, the people, and the company as whole.

We help you select an art program with your clients in mind.  Your collection can be developed into a world class art program, or it can be selectively placed unique pieces in a budget oriented collection.

To begin we will:
Meet with decision makers regarding desired image the artwork is to project, aesthetic preferences, budget and time frame.

Review an existing collection which may include rearrangement, removal, and/or updating. Assess the need for restoration, reframing, re-glazing. Select pieces for resale or donation to a charitable organization.

Plan the placement of artwork. There are varying types of art for the different parts of the corporate setting. Originals are mostly used in public areas, such as lobbies, conference rooms, and executive offices, while reproductions are used for hallways and junior employee offices, and posters for break rooms and restrooms.

Provide a selection of art from a wide range of sources including regional,    national and international artists, publishers, private dealers and works for resale from individual and corporate clients. Facilitate commissioned works for specific locations such as outdoor sculpture, atrium spaces, large lobby walls, windows requiring etched or stained glass, etc.

Oversee the delivery, placement and hanging of new or existing work.

An alternative to buying:

Art leasing, either in the short and long-term, is an attractive option for   companies that do not want the make capital investment on fine art. For further information on are corporate art leasing program, please call or email.